Gorgeous, British Made Easter Eggs

I admit, I love a decadent Easter Egg. The more bonbons and bunnies the better, but sometimes, it’s the egg itself that is the show-stopper. Here is my pick of the British bunch of eggs-traordinary eggs (and a few other Easter treats)…

Large Dark Swirled Easter Egg – The Chocolate Society


The Classic Ostrich Easter Egg – Hotel Chocolat


Large milk and white stripe chocolate egg with flower shape – Nicky Grant


Dark Chocolate House Dark Truffles Easter Egg – William Curley


Psychedelic Egg – The Cocoa Mistress


Butterfly Chocolate Egg – Paul Wayne Gregory


Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Easter Egg – Charbonnel et Walker

pink_low (2)

Mellow Yellow Duckling – Artisan Du Chocolat


Green Easter Bunny – Melt


White Chocolate mice popping Pralines – Demarquette


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