Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Nigella Lawson has always been an inspiration to me. Through her simple recipes she conveys a message, that simple yet tasty food is attainable after a hard day at work.

When I came across her recipe for Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, I was interested to see how this very easy recipe would turn out if I made a chocolatey tweak. This recipe is gluten-free and dairy free too, so is kind to sensitive tummies.

The basic recipe calls for a mixture of cocoa powder and boiling water to be added to the cake batter. Well, being the chocolate-fiend that I am, I decided to try replacing this with melted dark chocolate. I had a bag of Barry Callebaut Ocoa 70% dark chocolate at hand, and so used this by melting it down in the microwave in thirty-second bursts to make a glossy paste. You can buy Ocoa chocolate here.

2014-05-17 19.58.40

Now, I didn’t have any ground almonds at home, but I improvised by grinding up some flaked almonds in a small grinder until it resembled ground almonds. It turned out that the almond mixture was not as fine as shop brought stuff, but it definitely added texture!

Firstly, I started by heating my chocolate in the microwave. I estimated that around 150g would be similar to the cocoa powder and water mixture. I added the vanilla extract, then set aside while I blitzed the flaked almonds.

2014-05-17 20.34.04

In a bowl, I placed the ground almonds in with the baking soda and pinch of salt.

2014-05-17 19.58.05

Then I started working on the cake batter by putting the sugar, olive oil and eggs into the bowl of my mixer and beating hard for about 3 minutes. The mixture became pale, but didn’t really thicken up as much as I expected. I wonder if I needed to beat for a few more minutes.

Then I turned the mixer down and slowly added the melted chocolate, and when that had been incorporated, I scraped down the bowl and slowly poured in the almond mixture. The batter was very liquid, which worried me a little, but the recipe states this, so I carried on regardless!

2014-05-17 20.43.34

After baking for for 45 minutes, the top was crispy and after turning out from the tin, this was the final result. Delicious!

The top…

2014-05-17 21.31.40

The bottom…2014-05-17 22.00.19 2014-05-17 22.00.33

The inside…2014-05-17 22.03.10 2014-05-17 22.03.29 2014-05-17 22.03.39The texture was light and airy, the cake itself was not too sweet, and I think on reflection, I may use a darker chocolate – maybe an 80-85% for a more indulgent chocolatey taste. A great summer pudding, served with some Greek yoghurt and raspberries. Yum!

If looking for a fruity twist, try Nigella’s Lemon Polenta Cake, which is super moist and tangy and equally as light and of course, wheat and dairy free!


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