Waitrose Seriously Intense 49% Milk Chocolate



I stumbled across Waitrose’s 49% Seriously Intense bar, as I went looking for a lunchtime chocolate fix last week, Usually my hand automatically reaches for the Grenada Chocolate Company bars, but I thought I would give Waitrose’s offering a try, as being only 5 bars away on the shelf, I assumed it would be a similar type of product (oh, how wrong I was).

The shiny blue wrapping is appealing to the eye, and gives an air of simplistic elegance. On the back, there is some blurb explaining that Waitrose have worked with an “Italian Chocolatier” to create a unique “blend of chocolate”. It is a shame that there is no mention of the providence of the beans used to make the chocolate. I always enjoy matching the flavour to the producing country, but I suppose that the majority of consumers will not know about the flavour complexities of the varieties of bean available, so maybe it made sense for Waitrose to withhold this information.

I wonder how soon this will change, now that the UK fine chocolate industry is experiencing meteoric growth. Hopefully, not too long until we are told which country our cocoa beans are from on the packet?


Upon opening, there was a very chocolatey smell, no other distinct aromas came through. I expected some other indication of the origin of the bean, so I was baffled to begin with. I was confident that it wasn’t Ecuador, Peru or Madagascar, all of which have very powerful aromas, so I was inclined to think that it may be an African country, maybe Ghana – which tends to have pronounced ‘Cocoa’ notes.


The surface of the chocolate was very waxy – as you would expect from the high cocoa butter content. The texture although smooth, was a little grainy, but not so much that it is noticeable to the average palate and it melted quickly in the mouth. The flavour was one-dimensional (Chocolatey) with no other discerning flavours leaving very little after-taste. A slight hint of cocoa remained, but nothing lasting.


Which brings me to my conclusion; although marketed as ‘Seriously Intense’, I’m sorry to say that I was left disappointed with the lacklustre flavour of this bar. It claims to be “unique” and “bursting with flavour” both of which statements I am afraid, I do not agree with. From this offering, I think there is a long way to go, before supermarkets can begin to compete with the best artisan bean-to-bar manufacturers out there.



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